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Think you can take on our mighty eating challenges? We have 4 gut-busting meals that can test even the heartiest and hungriest of contenders! Think you've got what it takes? Then step-up, bro!

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Many have tried (and failed) to beat our Drop Ya Jaw Burger, Anaconda Dog, 40oz Steak and Scorpion Hot Wings; however, there are a few exceptions to the rule and titans have emerged victorious - with full bellies, burning mouths, and a lovely limited edition 'Smoke Shack Champion' t-shirt not available in the shops!

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The XXX Scorpion Wing Box

Can you eat 6 of our XXX Scorpion Wings in 5 minutes? Then to top it off, wait another 5 minutes before you have a drink? Weighing in at a mouth-melting 2,500,000 Scoville units, if you're crazy enough to try, you'll need to sign our waiver form! Beat the challenge and you'll win one of our coveted gold-edition t-shirts and your photo on our Wall of Titans - are you ready to face the challenge?

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The Drop Ya Jaw Burger

A colossal beast of a burger comprising of a Shack-recipe 24oz beef burger, topped with 16oz of smoked rib meat soaked in chipotle sauce, 6 slices of Swiss cheese and 4 portions of skinny fries or triple-cooked, skin-on chips. Finish it within 30 minutes to beat the challenge, win a gold-edition 'Smoke Shack Champion' t-shirt and your gorgeous photo on our Wall of Titans. This must be pre-ordered at least 24hrs prior and a waiver must also be signed (in case your belly explodes)!

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The Anaconda Dog

How much do you like hotdogs? Think you like them enough to take down 2 12-inchers and 4 portions of skinny-fries or triple-cooked, skin-on chips? Finish this within 30 minutes to win yourself a gold-edition 'Smoke Shack Champion' t-shirt and your gorgeous face on our Wall of Titans. Must be pre-ordered at least 24hrs before your visit and you will need to sign a waiver.

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The 40oz Steak

Think you can take down the Shack's 40oz of steak? Then step up and show us what you are made of! 40oz rump steak, 2 garlic flat mushrooms, balsamic roasted baby vine tomatoes, 1 portion of each of our fries and 1 portion of onion rings with a choice of 2 sauces.

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If you're up for taking on one of our eating challenges, then we'll need you to fill out a pre-order form at least 24 hours in advance of your visit. You can download a preorder form here!

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