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Smoke Shack was created by Terry Pritchard (a chef) and Darren Isaac (a marketing man) back in 2012. The idea was born at the most perfect Summer wedding hosted by Mark and Emma Isaac. In the two years that followed, Terry and Darren worked tirelessly together to create a restaurant for everyone that would be known for big flavours and big portions, all freshly prepared. Our belief is that great food should be simple yet full of flavour and served in a vibrant and sociable atmosphere that you’ll want to come back to time and time again.

The initial inspiration for Smoke Shack came from a trip to The Lake District and an exceptional meal at a British smokehouse lodge where the focus was on serving fresh, high-quality food smoked right on site. We wanted to combine this British smokehouse experience with all that makes American and Canadian food great – but to do it much, much better. You can go just about anywhere for a burger, but where do you go for a really good one? Well, that's what we thought and our aim has been for Smoke Shack to be that place.

The Smoke Shack menu is something we hope makes you feel spoilt for choice and that you will try something different each time you come. Between 5-10 new dishes make it to our menu every 3 months, so there is always something new for you to come back and try! We have also worked hard to cater for those with special dietary requirements. We have a full menu for vegetarians and we offer free-from alternatives to most of the dishes on our menus.

Our mission is pretty simple really; to provide you with a seriously enjoyable, completely satisfying dining experience built around a core belief: Make it fresh, every day and use only the best quality ingredients from local suppliers, wherever possible. With this in mind, you will never ever see a microwave oven in one of our kitchens (and you’d be surprised at how many places have one, if not more than one)!

As of 2016, we have our multi-award-winning flagship restaurant in Stony Stratford, Milton Keynes and also our newer restaurant in Mill Street, Bedford with plans to expand further.

We hope you have a fantastic meal and an unforgettable night with us. Thanks so much for coming along and please do let us know if we could have done anything better. We always listen to you, our customers, and it drives how our business continues to evolve.

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Terry Pritchard

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Darren Isaac

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